How Much Does A Roof Restoration Cost?

How Much Does A Roof Restoration Cost?

An old and tired-looking roof can easily alter the aesthetic of your home from welcoming to weary. Don’t let the fear of expensive repairs discourage you though. At Insulmate, we’ve got you covered – Even when your roof doesn’t!

Roof Restoration and Repair

Roof restoration involves a series of techniques aimed at cleaning, repairing and re-painting it. Instead of replacing the roof on your home, preserve what’s already there by hiring a qualified specialist to assess and renovate what you already have.

Have one of our professionals inspect your roof, discuss your concerns and explain your options. At Insulmate, we specialise the treatment and repair process according to a number of factors:

  • The type of roof
  • The size and shape of the tiles
  • The pitch of your roof
  • The state of paint repair
  • Alignment of roof tiles
  • Missing/broken tiles
  • Algae and mould removal

What happens next?

You can rest assured that your roof and your safety is in good hands. After the inspection process, we will evaluate the problem areas within your roofing and provide you with a detailed quotation. Any queries or concerns of yours will be discussed until you are completely satisfied and ready to give us the go-ahead.

How Much Does A Roof Restoration Cost

So how much does a roof restoration cost? Well, our price will encompass all your requirements and be specific to your home’s measurements. An Insulmate professional will provide you with a complete breakdown of the costs in your quotation, however, it’s good to keep a few estimated costs in mind.


If your roof tiles do not require repair and your main concern relates to cleaning and the removal of algae and weeds, costs vary from $300-$600 depending on the size of your roof. Tile restoration and replacement costs start from $2500 and, depending on the size of your roof and number of tiles to replace, can go up to $11 000 for larger homes.


Where it’s needed, we will include additional services such as roof sealing and painting in our quotation. Ultimately the charges for these will vary according to the size and scope of work needed to be done.


If these estimates don’t help, contact us for a more detailed description of restoration costs. We can arrange an Insulmate professional to meet you and perform a full onsite evaluation of your home.

Roof Restoration in Australia

The weather in Australia is often described as one of the best yearly climate patterns in the world. Australians are lucky enough to experience very hot summers between December and February and beautifully cold winters between June and August – A gorgeous climate “down-under” loved by locals and tourists alike.

Unfortunately, it’s these great extremes in weather that can exaggerate normal wear-and-tear on roofing systems and other outdoor structures prematurely. The sad part is that homeowners often resort to replacing roofs when they can still be saved.

You can save up to thousands of dollars by saving your current roofing system and repairing problem areas associated with it. Apart from usual wear-and-tear that sees many roofs damaged and looking old, lack of care tends to play a large role.

Many homeowners are unaware of the cleaning and de-weeding needed to maintain the upkeep of their roofs. This often leads to blocked gutters and compromised drainage systems as well as leaks and mouldy ceilings within the home.

Sound familiar? Insulmate will have your roof cleaned and repaired to its former splendour at a fraction of the cost of roof replacement.

Why Should I restore My roof?

Roof replacement is an expensive process that can often leave you with a bill reaching far beyond what you expected. Often considered by many homeowners as the only way of fixing a compromised roof or blocked gutter, replacement has become a thing of the past.

At Insulmate, we specialise in the restoration and repair of roofing systems so you can appreciate a good-as-new roofing system without breaking the bank!

A worn-out roof, apart from looking dull and dreary, can have many detrimental effects on your home:

1. Broken or missing tiles contribute to an uninviting and decrepit aesthetic and can give the impression of carelessness and poor maintenance.

2. Cracking or blistering on the roof surface is an indication of moisture. A build-up of moisture in your roofing system can lead to further decay and degradation of your ceilings.

3. Overgrowth of algae and mould on the roof causes an accumulation of moisture on the surface. This causes mould patches on the ceilings within the home and can be hazardous to its occupants. Exposure to mould and damp environments can cause nasal stuffiness, skin irritation, coughing, wheezing and eye irritation.

4. Overgrowth of weeds and mould and the accumulation of leaves in drainage pipes can cause a blockage in the drainage system of the roof. This leads to improper drainage, paint damage and in some cases, roof collapse.

5. Roof collapse can occur as a result of long-term neglect and culminates to a huge expense in replacement. Avoid the cost of replacing your roof by contacting us for a professional consult and inspection.

Choose Insulmate for a Specialised Roofing Restoration.

Re-instate the visual appeal of your roof and give your home the facelift it deserves! Contact us for affordable and professional restoration, no matter what your requirements are!

Replace broken tiles, re-align shifted tiles, or simply re-paint pre-existing tiles. Your roof does so much more than simply provide the shelter to your home, it keeps you safe too!

Prolong the life of your roof by performing regular checks and being proactive in the upkeep of your roofing and drainage systems. Insulmate is your leading roofing specialist in Australia, with your best interests at heart.

We believe in protecting the investments you care most about. That’s why we offer an all-encompassing, specialised service, at a reasonable price. Put the guesswork behind you, and contact us to find out how much a roof restoration costs for your home.

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Don’t let little leaks become big roof replacements Read on…

Did you know that regular roof maintenance can save you lots of money in the long run? Sometimes homeowners want to avoid the expense of maintenance or don’t have the time, but the truth is, maintenance is cheaper and easier than the hassle of replacing your roof, which can cost upwards of $12,000.

The roof is your first line of defense against weather elements, such as rain and sun. Therefore, it calls for as much or more maintenance than any other component of your house. However, many of us are so negligent that we don’t routinely inspect and maintain our roof to extend its life expectancy.

Regular roof maintenance will help you avoid costly repairs in the long run. With regular maintenance, you will be able to identify leaks before they grow into big problems that will cost you a fortune to resolve. Regular maintenance also helps to uphold the structural stability of your roof, ensuring that you get the best level of protection against various elements.

That said, let’s have a detailed look at various aspects of regular roof maintenance.

Regular Roof Inspections

It is imperative that you inspect your roof on a regular basis for potential flaws or damage. You can do that with the help of a roofing specialist Perth service provider. You don’t want to identify a problem on your roof when it is too late and the issue has grown beyond a simple maintenance fix.

We recommend inspecting your roof at least twice a year. This simple task will really extend your roof’s lifespan and significantly lower the costs of roof replacement.

With semi-annual inspections, you will be able to identify any damages on the roof that have occurred due to weather changes or other elements that might have compromised the surface coating.

When inspecting your roof, you should look out for wear and tear, leaks, and improper insulation. You should also check for rust, algae or fungus growth, as well as pieces of shingle on the ground after storms.

Trees & Gutters

Don’t ignore any tree branches hanging down over your roof. You don’t want broken branches falling on your roof, wearing down and damaging roof tiles. This can potentially cause costly damages to your property and injuries to residents. Moreover, tree branches can help rodents to get into your home.

Keep in mind that some branches are so flexible that they can swing several meters during a storm. You should therefore also be careful with branches that are a few feet from your house. Trim any tree limbs that overhang your home to stop problems before they start.

Leaves and twigs can also clog your gutters, leading to water leaks in your attic and other parts of your home. Clogging undermines the free flow of water away from your house, so it is imperative that you inspect your downspouts and gutters for any defects.

Maintain Seals, Joints & Flashing

Seals, joints, and flashing are the most common areas for leaks. Therefore, you should inspect them on a regular basis for defects.

Flashing covers entry points into the roof, which include the exhaust pipe, the vents, and chimney. It is prone to leaks. While inspecting these areas, you should look out for bending, punctures, and dried out or loose sealant. If there are any leaks, consult a professional to have them repaired.

Make sure your roof is properly insulated and ventilated. This is one of the biggest precautionary measures you can take to extend your roof’s lifespan. Proper ventilation prevents the accumulation of moisture and heat in the attic, which leads to roof rot and cracked tiles, reducing the insulation capacity of the roof. And a poorly ventilated attic is one of the major causes of ice dams.

Look Out for Warning Signs

There are several warning signs that tell you it’s time to make some repairs to your roof. Here are some of the major signs:
  1. Tiles

    Pay close attention to the look of the shingles on your roof. If the tiles are cracked, then it’s time to replace them. Check if there are any roof tiles that are not in good shape and have them fixed before the cold season arrives. These defects in your roof tiles can allow moisture to seep through the roof into the interior of your house, leading to bigger problems such as structural instability.
  2. The Roof Has Dark Streaks on It

    Dark streaks normally appear when airborne algae stick to your roof over time. While the streaks are not necessarily harmful to your roof, they can be unsightly. Take some bleach and water and treat the stained spots. Then rinse off the mixture gently using a low-pressure garden hose.
  3. Moss

    While it is normal to have moss around a home, you should be worried when it starts sprouting from your roof. Moss shows the presence of moisture in your roof, which is an indication of rotting beneath the tiles. In that case, you have to remove the tiles in that area and replace the rotten boards or plywood beneath it. If the roof has reached the point of sagging, it indicates significant structural damage. This problem needs to be resolved professionally to uphold personal safety.
  4. Inside Problems

    Inspect your roof from the inside. Check under the attic for light penetrating in and for stains indicating leaks. Feel around for water. Is the insulation damp? If so, then your roof is leaking. Once you’re finished with the attic, inspect the ceiling and upper parts of the walls for bubbles or discoloration. This indicates that water is somehow getting in. If you see signs of a leak but can’t find the leaking area, consider getting the services of a roofs repair Perth professional.
  5. Your Roof Is Old

    If you have had the same roof for decades, it could be on the verge of collapse. Replacing the entire roof is something many homeowners aren’t ready to do, but you should conduct an inspection, or hire a roof repairs Perth service provider and see how bad things really are. You might have to replace the roof entirely if the damage is extensive and severe. When you are pondering whether to just repair your roof or replace it altogether, one of the first things you should consider is the shelf life of your roofing material. Here are the most common types of roof materials:
    • Wood shakes
    • Asphalt shingles
    • Cedar shingles
    • Slate and tile shingles
    • Flat roofs
    • Metal roofs
    The shelf lives of these materials are different, ranging from 15 to 100 years. Therefore, it is advisable to start your roof maintenance by finding out kind of roof you actually have, or consulting a professional who can help you figure out your roof’s lifespan.

Leave It to the Professionals

When it comes to roofing inspections and maintenance, it advisable to work with reputable roofing professionals who are familiar with the type of roof you have on your house. Different types of roofs have different needs, which require different repair and maintenance procedures. It is important that these procedures are only undertaken by a qualified roof plumber and maintenance professional.

For example, repairing EPDM roof systems with asphalt products can potentially destroy the membranes. This may result in problems with your roof that can even void the warranty. That’s why it is important to have a reputable roofing specialist do the necessary repairs to your roof.

In fact, you should avoid repairing or replacing the roof on your own, unless you are a qualified roofing specialist yourself. Hiring a Roofing Specialist Perth company for your roof maintenance may cost you extra in terms of labor, but you can rest assured that the job will be done right the first time.

Bottom Line

Roof maintenance is an essential routine activity. It doesn’t matter whether your home is still fairly new or several decades old. Major roof problems such as leaks, interior water damage, and missing tiles are caused largely by minor problems that have been ignored over time.

The most effective solution for the major problems is complete roof replacement, which can be very expensive. But minor problems require simple and cheap repairs. You can identify these minor problems through regular roof maintenance, which should be done at least twice a year.

Maintenance will prevent future repairs and extend the lifespan of your roof, saving you lots of money in the long run. And it is advisable to have the maintenance and repairs done by a qualified roofing specialist.

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